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Safe and reliable emergency lighting Installations Bristol | Bath & Surounding areas

We carry out all aspects of electrical work associated with the provision of safe and reliable emergency lighting systems, whether for new builds or an improvements programme for your existing facilities. Our service include a full design service for emergency lighting systems to British Standard BS5266. Across Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas.

We have a thorough working knowledge of available emergency lighting systems and are able to advise you on the wide range of emergency lighting options available. We can also deliver systems to your own specifications, depending on the project.

Whatever the type of building and its usage, we ensure that your legal requirements are met, and that all work is carried out in accordance with the relevant British Standards and part of the standard maintenance schedule SFG20 parts 37-01 and 37-02.

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Owners or occupants of commercial premises are required to provide Emergency Lighting an essential Safety System

Your major requirement is to activate the emergency lighting in either local or complete mains failure and a professionally designed, installed and maintained system should reduce the chance of an accident and ensure health and safety not compromised in the event of a power failure.


We offer a wide range of Emergency lighting systems. designed, installed and if required maintained to the requirements of:

BS 5266-1:2011 Emergency lighting – Part 1: Code of practice for the emergency escape lighting of premises


As well as design & installation, we carry out emergency light maintenance and testing in line with the current code of practice BS 5266 PT:1 2011.


Any commercial, non profit or government organisation is strongly recommended to review their emergency lighting system to ensure it meets the current standards and all system devices are correctly maintained and functioning correctly.


  • Non-maintained system consists of sub-circuit monitors, that ensure via a series of relays, all emergency lighting luminaries would be activated wherever failure may be.

  • Maintained system energised at all times therefore the luminaires are illuminated irrespective of their condition.

  • Maintained system with hold off relays allows you to illuminate certain local areas of the building upon mains failure whilst the remainder operates under mains healthy conditions. In a complete mains failure all luminaires would be active in the emergency mode.

  • Static inverter system runs conventional mains fittings at full brightness under mains healthy or emergency operation. This type of system eliminates the need for a separate low voltage system or self-contained luminaire emergency lighting installation.

  • Addressable system  intelligent addressable technology allowing control and testing of individual luminaires. This system is also simpler to install and greatly reduces installation and ongoing maintenance costs

  • Central Battery system batteries are centrally located and all luminaires are wired through safety cabling.


Types of Emergency Lighting


  • Design

  • Installation

  • Maintenance & Testing 

  • SFG20 patrs 37.01 and 37.02

  • Additional Emergency Lighting

  • Upgrades

  • External Emergency Lighting

  • Walkway Lighting

  • Replacement Emergency Lumiairies.

  • Signage

  • Escape Route Lighting

  • LED's

Emergency Lighting Systems Bristol

Type of premises we have installed or maintain Emergency Lighting Systems:

  • Commercial Office Premises

  • Landlords - HMO Specialists

  • Industrial - Factories

  • Retail Premises

  • Residential Homes

  • Hotels & Leisure 

  • Schools & Universities

  • Government Properties

  • Social Housing

  • Sports complexes

  • Local Authority Premises

  • Logistics 

  • Pumping and remote stations

  • Non profit organisation Properties

Emergency Lighting Bristol


01179 325 640 

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