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Swing door automation Bristol


Door Automation Bristol | Bath | Commercial 

We are able to install or retro-fit various door automation systems for both commercial and residential clients. For Businesses, the importance of door automation has been highlighted by the Disabled Discrimination Act (DDA); wherby provision must be made for the disabled. 

Swing Door Automation:

Automatic Door Openers Bristol

Retro-fitting of low energy swing door operators to

double doors throughout Bath office building - work in progress. 

Swing doors, both single and double, can be automated using electromechancal door operators. With this, the door can be opened via a push-pad near the door, or the opening of the door can be assisted when pushed.

We are able to install low enegy variants, and units that are aesthetically pleasing and in-keeping with your building.

With all automatic door systems we can add access control. It is possible to further the benefits for those who require door automation using access control; for example, a disabled users access token can be individually setup to allow the door to automatically open when the access token is presented to the reader. 

Offering the  best possible service to our clients.


We for many years have provided outstanding service and commitment to clients requiring automatic door systems in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas. Automatic doors, are common in schools, shops, banks, leisure facilities, warehouses, hospitals and hotels across the world.

They have grown in popularity because they make life easier for clients who are entering and leaving premises. This is particularly the case for disabled people, elderly people or mothers who have children in prams.

In busy areas, automatic doors can improve the flow of traffic in and out of your building.

In 2004, the Disability Act stated that any barriers that prevent disabled people from entering or exiting a public place must be removed. Installing automatic doors into your premises could therefore benefit your property and comply with disabled legislation.

We are able to provide state-of-the-art automatic door systems with a range of features and benefits. Including silent moving automatic doors, as well as at aesthetically pleasing door operation which will perfectly suit the style of your shop or hotel.

Many of our automatic door systems have built in self-diagnostic programs which will constantly monitor the door parameters and adjust them if required. This intelligent system means that they require little maintenance once installed.

The many different kinds of automatic door systems that we can fit in your premises includes automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, manual swing doors, low-energy automatic doors and single, double or leaf doors. Most doorways are able to be transformed into an automatic door system of some kind. We are also able  retro-fit various door automation systems for both commercial, industrial and residential clients If you are unsure whether your premises would benefit from an automatic door, contact us today for more information about the range of automatic door systems that we can fit into your premises. Our friendly and experienced engineers  can look at your exact requirements and see which kind of installation would suit best depending on your building and your budget.

We are experts in door maintenance, repairs and services. Find out more about automatic door repairs and maintenance. Our Bristol team operates across the nation and provides multi-site door automation for customers with national facilities. 


  • Public and Private Office Buildings

  • Disabled Facilities

  • Leisure Facilities

  • Trade and Retail

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities

  • Hotels

  • Residential Homes

  • Hospitals

  • Goverment Buildings

  • Warehousing | Distribution

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Residential Door Automation

There are multiple DDA compliant door entry systems that can be installed to front and back doors of properties in order to assist the elderly or disabled. With these in place, the door can be opened at the push of a button on a key fob, without need to use keys, turn a handle or push a door.












We understand understand the requirements of the DDA specification and are able to advise on the correct, and most cost effective way to meet these requirements that allow for a disabled person to enter, freely move around in and safely exit, as it would for an able-bodied person. 

All our automatic door solutions are fitted with relevant signage and considerations include wheelchair access, door widths, clear vision panels, door entry equipment position and height; all with relevant dda door handles and dda ironmongery. 


Door Automation Bristol
DDA door automation Bristol
Door Automation Project (Ollie)

Door Automation Project (Ollie)

Automatic Doors Installed to new Build in Newport

Door Automation Project - Bristol

Door Automation Project - Bristol

Automating doors in government building

Door Automation Retail Fit Out

Door Automation Retail Fit Out

Installation of Automatic doors to retail store in Cardiff

Another door to automate 1 of 230

Another door to automate 1 of 230

DDA Compliance automating doors and access control throughout Government Building in Bristol

External Door Access_video phone

External Door Access_video phone

Access entry system to new apartment block innBath

Government Building Automatic Door

Government Building Automatic Door

Automatic door installed to public area of government building

Support@Swineford Mill Industries

Support@Swineford Mill Industries

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Door Automation Bristol
Automatic Doors Bristol | Bath | Newport
Video Door Entry System Bristol

Door Automation Services Bristol | Bath

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