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Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) refers to the steps businesses should take to make sure their Property / Building fabric / structures, plant and equipment operate correctly and efficiently while meeting safety and legislative requirements.

When it comes to protecting your assets, prevention is definitely better than cure, with planned maintenance essential to ensuring profitability, personnel morale and the effective management of time, not to mention minimising the risk of damaging and costly  incidents, SGF20 is the recognised industry standard for building maintenance, with our SGF20 based regimes we guarantee the highest standards of preventative maintenance.


Electrician Local 2u offer Planned Preventive Maintenance services delivered to a wide range of commercial sectors, including national multi retailers, single store outlets, logistics, landlords, facilities management companies and government agencies, 

Why Choose PSG Electrical?


Fully qualified and experienced NICEIC approved contractors.

We offer you a tailor made PPM maintenance package to suit your businesses individual needs to include the standard maintenance schedule SGF20.

Whether you only require a single service  to meet your legal obligation, or you are looking for a more comprehensive package to maintain a healthy & fully functional electrical installation and you would like to include several of our services  


  • MV & LV Switch Gear Maintenance

  • LV Distribution & Controls

  • General Power

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

  • PAT

  • Lighting PPM

  • External Lighting

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Fire Detection/ Alarm Systems

  • Door Access Controls

  • Door Automated Devices

  • CCTV

  • BMS

  • Lightning Protection

  • HVAC

  • Car park barriers 

If required we will arrange a visit to your premises and agree with you which service you need or equipment serviced, we will then give you a service schedule so you can see at a glance when your next appointment is due.


We provide a professional, reliable service and look after the specialist independent retailers with a single premises through to National chains, Offices, Residential, Department stores, Logistic Facilities, Shopping Malls, Warehouses, Industrial,

Manufacturing Facilities.




PSG Electrical carry out  five year forward maintenance register (FMR) condition report for various multi-Branch retail clients and Goverment building.  Te register contains details of all relevant plant and equipment at each site.  It also contains full details of recommendations for optimising the efficiency, performance and life-cycle of valuable assets.  

With this information our clients were able to provision a five year forward maintenance budget plan and has also assisted them in prioritising maintenance costs.

Our bespoke systems: designed by our IT technicians provides our clients with uptodated system of information and can be intergated to the clients  provide to  eal-time reporting and live data.  This means that we are able to provide up to date statistics including live job information.  This gives transparency in performance against key indicators and forms the basis for innovations and excellence in service delivery. The data is accessed from our field engineers’ wireless handheld and tablet technology.

Key facts and figures:

A dedicated client access web based portal to review real time reporting of:

  • Planned maintenance

  • Compliance Issues

  • Reactive work,  agreed a scope of works and SLA

  • Log book reporting

  • Asset history attendance performance

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We’re here to support you whenever a problem threatens to become a crisis, and we’ll be with you fast. We offer same day or next day response and can also design a preventative, planned maintenance programme if you prefer.

Emergency Electricians
  • External Lighting Installations

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Electrical Distribution Systems

  • Cable Management Solutions

  • Electric Heating

  • Power Factor Correction UPS and Generating Systems

  • Structured Wiring Systems Data Networking

  • EPOS Systems

  • CCTV Systems Intruder

  • Alarm Systems

  • Lightning Protection

  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Fire Alarm & Emergency

  • Lighting Testing

  • Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting

  • Maintenance Periodic Testing & Inspecting

  • PAT Testing


 Thermal images are heat signatures that capture the key components of an installation, such as:

  • distribution boards

  • control panels

  • switchgear & switchboards.

  • junction boxes & joints 

The thermal images show heat signatures associated with high electrical resistance long before the circuit becomes overheated enough to cause an outage or explosion. Faults such as high resistance caused by poor surface contact or an uneven load can be detected in seconds. 

By detecting anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, thermography allows corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur. Thermal Imaging or Thermography is the process of using a special camera designed to look only for heat by way of infra red (IR) energy waves. Potential problems can often be found due to excess heat being released by an electrical system, even those which would normally produce some heat when performing at their optimum level.

Left undetected these problems can lead to failure and can result in expensive production loss, loss of sales or downtime and, in the most extreme case, can lead to fire. Regular programme of thermal imaging as part of routine maintenance can highlight potential problems long before any event. As a result any required repairs can be planned for in terms of both time and budget. In short, it is an invaluable resource for predictive maintenance.

Thermography can detect the following in electrical systems:

  • Loose connections

  • Overloads

  • Phase imbalances

  • Corrosion

  • High resistance in fuses and switchgear

PSG Electrical provide Thermal imaging for clients of commercial and industrial electrical installations.

Thermal Imaging For Electrical Installations in Bristol