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We're a multi-trade contracting expert and diamond core drilling for concrete is a common service that we provide. With a large component of our work being electrical contracting, core drilling is something we deal with very often. When working on installations there's frequently a need to cut through concrete. As a result, over the years the team has developed a thorough experience in this area.

It is very accurate and surprisingly not too messy. This is because there is no percussive impact - the movement is purely rotary. Likewise, water is used as a lubricant which massively contributes to dust suppression. 

Beyond Bristol (where we're based), we cover a large area of the UK for our clients. For decades, we've worked on commercial projects, with many notable clients. The diamond drilling crew at PSG can operate our services in a huge range of environments. For a quote at no-charge, contact the office today. 

Services we provide

Beyond core drilling, we offer many other forms of concrete cutting and diamond drilling techniques. This is necessary for a huge range of applications, including water, waste, electric, and ducting. For large holes, stitch drilling can be used, whereby a consecutive series of holes are created to cut out a large amount of concrete. Likewise, there's plenty of applications related to concrete sawing. Wall and floor chasing is something the team is very familiar with, as we're an electrical contractor by trade (view our homepage for more). Furthermore, we can install anchor bolts and resin fixings. Pull tests can be performed on installed resin fixings for critical fixings. Other concrete services include percussion testing and any subsequent repairs necessary, and concrete core sampling and analysis. A common test carried out on sample cores is the compressive strength test.

Health and safety

Central to every project is health and safety. Staff are appropriately trained and experienced and have the necessary personal protective equipment. Likewise, the machinery, tooling, and associated equipments is suitable for each job and well-maintained to ensure safety for our operators. 

Commercial clients

A significant majority of work over the last 3 decades has been for commercial clientele. For required situations, works can be completed out-of-hours. Furthermore, on-site dust suppression and waste management is always prioritised, meaning we keep clients premises tidy.

Why make PSG Electrical you contractor of choice?

With a huge amount of experience across all job types of clientele, we a great choice of primary contractor. Our quotations are completely free and no-obligation. And of course, we fully qualified and have well-trained operatives. 

Cutting concrete using disc cutter
Diamond drilling at a power station in Bristol
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